69BY7Beacon,Balize,Baken: 27.610,27.550 Khz CW, 13.555 Khz CW, 6.775 Khz CW, 40.680 MHZ CW
69BY / Beacon: 27.610-27.550 Khz,13.555 Khz,6.775 Khz,40.680 MHZ.  
  DX CLUSTER 27-06-2019 10:45 (UTC)


If you to will up Dx spot on any "freeband" of spectrum emphasis on normal freeband´s, Hiffer´s and Ham Bands, S.W.L. on all modes   need autorization-permission: write e-mail for details: eduardohernan366@gmail.com

Data from  BY Cluster  Administrator
Also available the United Kingdom world all freeband Cluster: www.freebanding.co.uk

  69BY/ Beacon,Balize,Baken ,27.550 Khz,13.555 Khz,6.775 Khz,40.680 MHZ
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